Bridges Team
Role and Responsibilities

If you participate in Bridges, you will be matched with a representative who will help you set goals and access services. Are you looking for stable housing? Do you need to learn how to cook or do laundry? Would you like tips for developing a budget or managing your money? Your Bridges representative can help with all of these things and more. For example, your Bridges representative can….

  • Help you develop a plan and goals 
  • Meet with you face to face at least once a month
  • Review your plan with you every 90 days to acknowledge your achievements and plan your next steps
  • Help you maintain your eligibility if your circumstances change
  • Help you identify individuals and resources that can be permanent connections for you even after you complete the program
  • Teach you skills like money management, how to do laundry, how to grocery shop, etc.
  • Help you enroll in college or a vocational program
  • Help you find a job
  • Help you find a doctor or access other physical or mental health care
  • Connect you with community resources to help you become more self-sufficient
  • Provide guidance and be a positive adult supporter you can depend on