Supportive Services

Need a place to live? Your Bridges representative can help you find somewhere safe and affordable, whether that means an apartment, low-income housing, a college dorm room, housing with a supportive adult or other community-based housing. Bridges also may be able to help you pay for rent, utilities, food, clothing and other personal incidentals.

Here are just a few things to consider when deciding where to live:

  • Based on your budget and income, is it affordable and sustainable? 
  • Judging from local crime reports, is the neighborhood safe? 
  • Is it conveniently located to things you’ll need, such as a grocery store, gas station, etc.?
  • Are transportation options available for getting to work or school?
  • Is it close to your support team (adult supporters, friends, family, etc.)? 

Your Bridges representative can give you tips for managing a household, from cooking and cleaning to paying bills and budgeting. He/she also can connect you to resources in your community that can help you live on your own.